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The situation in the transportation industry is a tough battle surviving and competing, which leaves many companies with hardly any financial reserves. So especially in this industry, it’s no wonder there are “black sheep”.

Take a look at the 12 tips on how to protect your company against fraud.

1. Delivery documents and personal controls:
o Original waybill from the forwarding company assigned
o Identity of the announced driver
o Identity card / passport
o Motor vehicle registration certificate / number plate
o Insurance policy or proof of insurance
o Business license
2. When the driver uses a mobile phone number additional control measures are unavoidable. Check the details of the announced driver saved with the freight exchange or mother concern.
o Warning: No enquiries to a mobile phone, only to a land line
3. E-mail messages from a FREEMAIL provider
o Countercheck via fax confirmation and data check
o Additional control mechanisms, such as checking the authenticity of the document by telephone enquiry at the freight forwarder’s head office
4. When placing an assignment for the first time, enquire about the driver identity and identity control
5. Authenticity check of the faxes received with the owner of the connection
6. Check the proof of insurance for CMR insurers
7. If in any doubt: Additional plausibility checks with the freight forwarder and the freight exchange and in various media
8. Question the vale of goods
9. Check the unloading date and time: React immediately to discrepancies
10. Train and sensitise all employees in the shipping department on an ongoing basis
11. Adhere to and sustain all control criteria, especially in peak periods
12. With goods value over 200.000 EUR – only place orders with known partners

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