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and with winter coming the temperature is going down. Snow is falling down and streets become very slippery. As every year, in november, latest now, snow tires should be on the car. Snow tires, snow chains in regions with heavy snow fall and de-icer should be on hand when needed. And what about a truck?

Trucks and drivers should be prepared for winter. Transports have to be done anyways, during the day or nighttime. In the snow or in the sun. Blankets, de-icer and a hot cup of coffee should neither be missed in the car or in the truck. You never know if you get stuck in traffic or in a snow storm. Some truckers have interesting and amazing roads ahead: frozen lakes, snowy streets etc. Of some I am going to write.

Many know the series “Ice Road Trucker” Truckers from Canada and Alaska show their daily routine during winter time and driving in the snow: Frozen lakes or even rivers, snowy and icy roads which seem closer to a ski alpin track than a road. Noone is driving alone during that time of year to devlier goods. It is dangerous but at the same time very fascinating. Crossing a frozen river is a dangerous trip. If it is warming up a little, the driver has to check the surface before crossing because of the current underneath the ice. It happened before that a truck broke the ice and went down the river or rests on the bottom of a lake. The driver was able to save his life.

Snowy or icy sceneries can also be found here. Sometimes you have to drive a little further Trips over frozen lakes are unusual in the UK and should not be taken. If you want to go for a thrill, it is “safer” in northern Sweden, Norway or Finland. Transports in snow and over ice are daily routine in winter. In addition to the bad condition of the roads, the sun comes out only for a couple of hours. Truckers from those countries would laugh about the little snowflakes falling in London.

Which are enough to take down a whole city. The first snow flakes have already come but luckily there were no injured people. Trucks also were prepared and rolled over the streets. Winter is coming. So: change the tires to be safe!