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The market size for general freight trucking was nearly $125 billion in 2010. Since 2005 the trucking industry has decreased by 1%, especially due to the economic recession in 2008/09. Alone in the UK in year 2005 some 148bn tonne-kilometres of freight was moved and approx. 90% of this was moved by road haulage.

Other forms of commercial freight transport are water, rail and air. While there is greater emphasis these days on using a variety of modes to give the most cost-effective and environmentally kind journey, there are significant drawbacks with the other modes. Modern sea transport is for instance a highly effective method of transporting large quantities of goods (commercial vessels, nearly 35,000 in number, carried 7.4 billion tons of cargo in 2007), however it is suitable only for non-perishable loads that are not time-sensitive. Comparing to road it is also a more expensive way of transporting goods. Rail system would need substantial investment in the network to allow greater freight capacity. While there are some easy and profitable improvements to be made, overall removing 5% of the freight from UK roads would require a doubling of the rail network. And there is also the great advantage of road transport which as the only one delivers direct to door or shop.