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Freight exchange is a platform designed primarily for operators such as transporters, forwarders and logistics companies. It is a virtual market where users in search of transport can submit offers for their cargo and hauilers can submit thier bids for vehicle capacity.

Fierce competition in the transport industry forces more and more carriers to reduce transport costs. Increaseing the efficiency of the fleets results for many, however, in a continuous search for new loads. And that is where the freight exchange comes into play, as it is not only a tool easy to use but also a very practical way of looking for new customers: all parties are saving time spend normally on long phone calls, creating complex tables or searching for addresses in outdated mailing lists. The complete process is electronically recorded and documented in a transparent and intuitive way.

Thanks to the online form of today’s freight exchanges, users can easily specify their searches depending on their current needs, regardless of where they are. All offers are published in real time which ensures their constant up-to-date status. The websites are mostly present in numerous countries and languages which facilitates international communication and secures a wider range of customers.

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