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In France there are around 6 million trucks on the road transporting goods from A to B. Trucks transporting good either within France or crossing to get to countries as Spain, Germany, Italy or Great Britain. Mainly it is only the driver in the cabin. Sometimes they take friends or tramper with them so the ride is not that monotonous.

we truck

The Management alumni Vicotr Clément from Rouen, France, would have liked to have used a ride in a truck a couple of months ago. A train ticket would have cost a small fortune and a lot of time. Going there by car would have taken an hour and the only offer to go there was at 6:30 am. So he bit the bullet and took the early ride. During the trip he watched sleepily out of the window and noticed how many trucks they were passing. One of them could have taken him to his destination for sure. He was not the only one. Many of his friends share the same thought and told him that public transportation has become a small luxoury.

A new business was born. Shortly after talking to friends and family first steps to the new platform “We truck” were taken. The beta version is going to be online soon. Here, everyone has the possibility to find or search for a ride with a truck. The platform shall offer places in trucks from 3.5 to 44tons. Costs: 10 Cents per kilometer. The platform takes a small provision and the rest will go to the transport firm.

Many magazines have already written about the platform and many transport businesses have called the student showing interest in the project. They could earn a little extra money. The advantages are clear:

  • Improvement of image
  • Improvement of working condition and security
  • Improvement of rural areas
  • Extra money

How could possibly security and working conditions be improved with a passenger? It’s surprisingly easy. According to insurance companies the highestrisk to be involved in an accident is the microsleep. With a passenger it would not happen. The image of the transportation business would be improved due to personal experience. Truckers are profesionals, respect their driving and resting times and additional fact: a truck can be tracked.

Rural areas would be more attractive for many because they do not have to change trains or sit in a train for hours but instead go to their destination straight. Furthermore, trucks drive at any time, with restrictions on public holidays and sundays. Meanwhile trains and busses have their fixed timetables.

To clarify the last doubts and to optimise the system, Viktor Clément is a passenger himself, driving through France with truckers and talking to planners. “I travel on a regular basis in a truck and I’m always in contact with planners to understand how they are organised.”

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