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A life without logistics? Unbelievable! Could you imagine walking in a store and all shelves were empty? therefor your storage would be empty as well and could not be filled up easily! So nothing like that will happen, there are many companies in the transport business, working to avoid that moment. The German DVZ startet the campaign “Wir sind Logistik” (We are logistics) to support those companies in Germany and Europe. TIMOCOM, offering the largest procurement platform in Europe, also takes part.


Freight but no vehicle ?

In Germany, the transport business is the third biggest employer and therefore very important for the economy. Maren Jeche, DVZ, explains, why an image supporting campaign was introduced: “With “Wir sind Logistik”, we would like to give a face to the sector and show its diversity. We offer everyone the possibility to everyone involved to see and show where they are in the supply and value chain.” No wonder even big players as Mercedes-Benz, Schenker and Lufthansa Cargo take part. Even TIMOCOM has a value in the supply chain and supports transport and logistics. Especially by helping to avoid empty runs.

Imagine being a freight forwarder, standing at the border between Germany and Poland, in need of a freight to Barcelona. No problem, because in TIMOCOM’s freight exchange, you have access to 450 000 europewide freight and vehicle offers daily, including gadgets to optimise and simplify your daily work life. Over the procurement platform, forwarders, hauliers, manufacturer and trade companies – have the possibilities to manage their transport efficient and quickly.

Chief representative Marcel Frins thinks, that TIMOCOM plays a big role in the value chain in transportation and logistics: “We do not only offer access to the freight exchange, but also a tool for long-term-jobs, a warehouse exchange and a calculation and tracking solution. Using those, user can optimise their daily work. Since last year, our products are available from anywhere on a mobile device.”

The IT service provider is also comitted to social projects as they are supporting the “Transport Ambassadors”. It is important to them to support security in transport and road safety. “The transport ambassadors support youth development training and initiated events as “Attention: Blind spot!”or “Hand in Hand Over Land”. With those events they want to increase the number of transport ambassadors on our roads by promoting mututal respect and sympathy between road users.” All those measures help to make traffic safer and to optimise the transport chain.