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A total of 82 Volvo 7900 electric buses will be delivered to three locations in Finland. 61 of these buses are destined for Helsinki and represent the largest order Volvo Buses has ever placed in Finland. Two other orders include 13 electric buses for Joensuu and eight for the city of Savonlinna in the east of the country.

Volvo 7900E

“We are very pleased to confirm three orders for electric vehicles in Finland in a short period of time. We are particularly pleased with the largest order for Helsinki, where we are in the process of building a strong presence for our complete electric mobility solutions,” said Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses.

“We are accelerating our ambitions in electric mobility and have the capacity and expertise to provide small and large electric mobility solutions for cities that want clean and efficient solutions for passenger transport,” she added.

In Helsinki, 19 of the Volvo 7900 Electric buses will be articulated buses. All buses will have a low floor to allow safe and easy access to passengers. Other benefits, including a quiet and smooth ride, have also been highlighted by customers. The articulated buses will be charged at the final stop on the route using a pantograph, while the other 42 buses will be charged overnight at the depot.

The decisive factors in choosing Volvo Buses as a partner in Finland were the company’s focus on safety and reliability and its many years of experience in implementing electric public transport solutions.

The city of Savonlinna is one of the first in Finland to request all-electric buses. The delivery of eight Volvo 7900 Electric, scheduled to enter service in early 2023, will be the city’s first electric bus.

“We fully support the city of Savonlinna in its first steps towards electrification of public transport. As more and more cities around the world seek to become Zero Cities, these orders show that Volvo Buses is in a good position to support the same transformation in Finland,” says Petteri Reku, Country Manager of Volvo Buses in Finland.

The buses for Joensuu will enter service during the summer, while those delivered to Helsinki will hit the road in the fall.