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TC Connect

Clever connection

The logistics sector is by now closely linked to the digital era. Against all predictions, along with the focus on automation, this era has now also reached communication. In comparison, this differs in the development into Logistics 4.0 as it is not only humans communicating with each other or with the machines. Now even machines can communicate with other machines. One example of machine-to-machine connections is interfaces serving as communication in different systems. TIMOCOM, one of the leading IT providers of the logistic sector was ahead of the digital era and Logistics 4.0. as the company has been developing interfaces for the customers’ transport management systems in over a decade. The most important advantage of these connections: The freight and vehicle orders from a transport company’s or a freight forwarder’s software is transferred through the interface TC Connect and into Europe’s largest transport platform. By just one click. This means that the endlessly entering can be skipped and the vehicle capacities are sold faster. The automatic transfer from machine-to-machine also minimises the possibility of mistakes which might occur when typing everything manually.

Today, it is only the few in the transport and logistics sector who do not use transport management solutions or digital freight exchanges. Europe’s largest transport platform offers the possibility to connect these two. TC Connect links the customers‘ transport management systems with TIMOCOM‘s freight exchange. And through TC Connect the TIMOCOM users can offer their freight assignments and/or vehicle space directly from their company software and reach out to 110,000 international and potential users. 68.1 million offers were published into the transport platform in 2015 and of this amount, a whole of 13% can be attributed to the interfaces. From the TIMOCOM customers‘ point of view, these interfaces are beneficial in more ways which a representative from the logistics group Carreras emphasizes: “Due to TC Connect we can publish even more offers and we also reach out to more potential business partners. It gives us an opportunity to close more deals and make our turnover increase.“ The bundling also enables the company to maintain the overview of all activity within the business. The productivity becomes measurable and the business can develop even more in terms of efficiency.


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