A lorry of 25 m length could be coming to Britain’s roads

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A British company involved among other things in International distribution, logistics, and heavy haulage, wants to bring “superlorry” to the British roads. The “supervehicle” is not only heavier but also 30ft (nearly 9m) longer than a normal lorry. The company wants to launch it for lightweight goods such as cereals and aluminium cans because conventional… Read more

Road traffic- statistics for 2010 and second quarter of 2011

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It is estimated that the overall vehicle traffic volume in the UK decreased comparing to 2009 by 1.6 per cent to 308.1 billion vehicle miles and was at its lowest level since 2003. Roads with biggest traffic volume in 2010 were minor roads with approx. 36 per cent of traffic. Rural ‘A’ roads with almost… Read more