Keep calm…one week without lorries!

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How your daily life would look like without the lorries and lorry drivers? Starting from Monday, no lorries on the roads, no lorries for transport. Tuesday: No newspaper unless you go directly to the printers to pick it up yourself. Wednesday: No fresh delivery of bread which means eating leftovers from the day before…if you have… Read more

Self-driving lorries in the future – the future is near!

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Daimler, Volvo, Scania and even Google are at the moment reseaching and even testing self-driving HGVs. You could then think that the lorry drivers would become even more more difficulties getting a job with self-driving HGVs making them unemployed, but that will probably not happen at all. The lorries are not going to be all… Read more

The difficulties in a lorry driver’s life

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The freight forwarding industry is one of the mayor industries. Due to the highly flexible and economic industry we can find all our necessities in the shelves but the way the goods get there, is to the dislike of many people: via lorry. Lorries are like ticking bombs, too loud and cause lots of pollution…. Read more