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The family run company Zrnožit d.o.o. has a five-digit TimoCom ID, the smallest customer number in Montenegro – proof that they have been using the transport platform actively for years. At the same time, the production operation for meat products has a long history of using the transport platform as a path to long-term success and growth within their niche market. Thanks to their ability to adjust to circumstances and their commercial diligence, the company has become the market leader for refrigerated transport within the Balkans.

Meat manufacturer uses the TimCom transport platform succesfully.


Significant growth in a niche market

Jovan Kaluđerović’s company, founded in 1992, is located at the base of the Lovćen-Massivs in Cetinje, a small Montenegrin city located only 33km from the ocean. It is the mix of sea and mountain air that gives the company’s flagship product, the prize winning ham “Njeguški pršut”, its extraordinary taste.

A manufacturer of awarded dried hams from Montenegro is also a satisfied TimoCom customer


As meat is the primary product transported by the company, which has 27 employees, their refrigerated trucks are equipped with meat hooks, and are unique in Montenegro. However, the flexible use of these hooks within the refrigerated trucks makes it possible to also transport other refrigerated goods. Which is where Zrnožit d.o.o. and TimoCom come together:

“Thanks to the TimoCom transport platform and our flexible trailers, we are the market leader for refrigerated transport in our part of the Balkans”, says Jovan Kaluđerović proudly. “We entered the international transport market in 2002, and became TimoCom customers in 2004 in order to ensure we had return freight for our lorries. Back then, we had two lorries, and these days, we have nineteen.”


Caution as the basis of long-term partnerships

In addition to the ease of use for individual applications, particularly the freight and vehicle exchange, Zrnožit d.o.o. has remained a loyal TimoCom customer for the last 12 years, especially for a very important feature unique to the IT service provider: security.

“Only approved companies can access the transport platform,” says Jovan Kaluđerović. “Not only that, we check each potential business partner before signing any contracts, using the platform’s internal business directory. If everything is OK, we contact our future partner directly using the tools provided by the platform. We really appreciate the efficient workflow that TimoCom provides. It helps us finding reliable and solvent partners quickly, every time.”

Their prudent approach has helped grow Zrnožit d.o.o.’s network of high quality, valuable business partners, mostly freight forwarders, for years. For example, they are currently working with a TimoCom customer in Austria who drives for them on a regular basis throughout the year:

even companies who are mostly looking for return freight can use the transport platform to create long-term partnerships. Zrnožit d.o.o.’s success proves that TimoCom’s IT logistics solution offers something for everyone in the transport industry, particularly those looking to improve their efficiency.


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