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The Timo trend

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It had to happen sometime. You may already have seen it quite a few times and liked it. Or seen it a thousands of times and still have liked it…or you went to the other side and…hated it! A lot of your friends have probably already done one. I, in particular like that you can be anyone. Mostly people are just themselves with this special touch. Even the companies liked it.

So it happened, I wrote a blog post about the most simple trend in media: matchstick figure’s who want to teach you something with a clever text. The image is borrowed from a Facebook site, I saw this posted in a freight exchange’s site, and I had to blog it. Because it shows a haulier and because I like this trend. Would have been even better with a matchstick figure riding a huge HGV. But nevermind, I still like it as it is. So am now sincerely disliking empty runs and empty pockets. Something for the environment and something for the capitalism.


Sometimes the most simple trends are just the best.