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Sustainable – healthy – feasible?

Sustainable: Yes. Commuters will bike throughout the city instead of using the tube or taking a cab or their car.

Healthy: Yes. Londoners will do more sports and will also be more relaxed and motivated going to work.

Feasibility: Question mark. It is hard to say. Let us take a closer look.

Norman Foster, who claims biking as one of his greatest passion, plans to build a SkyCycle which will be a highway where only bikes are permitted. The streets in London are already packed and there is no place for it? Yes there is! Above the main streets or above railways. Foster planned 220kilometers of track including 200 ramps and exits. One part of the Skycycle goes from Stratford to the City. 6.5 kilometers and saving 30 minutes compared to taking the tube or driving would be worth it.

Cost: around 220 Million Pound ONLY for the section Stratfort – City.

The idea is great but who is going to pay for it?

What do you think?

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