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The Shell Eco-Marathon takes place every year since 1985. Students from all over the world construct and build prototypes and vehicles and send their baby into the ring to figure out whose is the most economic. Condition: each vehicle gets one litre of fuel or the equivalent of it. The record is at 8 052 kilometers.

The Eco-Marathon takes place on the weekend from May 15th – May 18th at the city circuit of Rotterdam. The track is 25 kilometers long and as already said, not the first one gets the cup! The one who gets the cup has built the most economic vehicle. The record of a fuel powered vehicle is at fantastic 3 836 kilometers (2 383 miles) with one single liter of fuel. In the class of alternative fuel is the record at unbelievable 8 052 kilometers (5003 miles).

The whole distance of more than 3 500 kilometers is not raced at once. Each vehicle has to run on the track of 25 kilometers within 50 minutes. After the finish line the calculations begin. Numerous high schools, colleges and universities send their teams to the racetracks in Asia, Europe and the US.  3000 students compete for the title of building the most efficient vehicle in two categories: Futuristic Prototype and Urban Concept. In both categories are  two more: traditional fuel and alternative fuel as hydrogen.

Dick Benschop, President-Director, Shell Netherlands said: “Last year we were struck by the spirit of the competition, the professionalism of the teams and the innovative design of the cars. This year we again expect to welcome guests from throughout Europe, together with tens of thousands of visitors from Rotterdam and beyond to support their local Shell Eco-marathon teams. It’s fantastic to see some of the brightest young minds working hard to come up with exciting fuel efficient vehicles. I wish all the teams luck and hope we see continued participation in the future.”

The competition was initiated in 1938 as shell scientists had a friendly bet who could drive their own car furthest on a single gallon of fuel. Efficiency at its roots: 59.7 mpg. Since then the competition was held annually. Meanwhile the competition is held on three continents, starting this year for the first time in Malaysia.






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