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Cargo theft or cargo damage: things a haulage contractor does not want to neither talk nor hear about. Who pays for the damage and who is liable for it? The internet is most likable used to offer freights and/or spaces for transportation. The companies TIMOCOM and Schunck worked out a security checklist to avoid and reduce cargo theft.

The costs caused by cargo theft are estimated at £7 billion. Germans face a loss of around £1.2billions while Brits face a loss of around the same amount: numbers rising. It is a lot of money which is lost and who is going to pay for all of it? In most cases insurance companies jump in but in too many cases, the haulage contractor sits on the costs.

The international Insurance company “Assekuranz-Makler OSKAR SCHUNCK AG & CO. KG” and TIMOCOM Soft- und Hardware GmbH put together information and advices on how to protect your cargo. It starts all with the first contact and the deposition. Peter Kollatz, a member of the management, clarifies that they cannot guarantee an all-around-protection by following their check-list, but it lowers the risk for sure.

Freight exchange platforms are a two edged sword; some say they cannot work without them, some avoid them where they can. Some people do not trust in freight exchange platforms because they see their business threatened and they neither want to take part nor be part in price dumping. However, the platforms plate the way for more transparency of goods and prices. On the internet everything is anonymous and you do not know your partner personally. A false identity is created quite easily. That’s why Schunck and TIMOCOM suggest verifying their partner’s e-mail-address and phone numbers. The whole list can be found here.

Anyone who wants to use the platform TIMOCOM’s Truck & Cargo has to fulfil certain requirements as operating in the market for at least six months. Furthermore all important documents will be verified.

Most important: when you have to transport goods with a value of more than £150.000 only contract known and trusted freight forwarders.