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Same procedure as every the last recent years! Readers from lastauto omnibus, trans aktuell and Fernfahrer had have the chance to vote their favorite brand in logistics and transportation. 22 categories were to vote and two of the big winners are Mercedes and TIMOCOM.

Maybe one would think, Timo who? But I won’t believe it that you do not know them. Nevertheless: Timocom Soft- and Hardware GmbH is a German company offering the most used and known freight exchange tool in Europe: TC Truck&Cargo.

Freight exchange platforms don’t only offer the possibility to fast forward the shipping and avoiding empty trips, they as well indicate the economic situation. How so? Movements in the markets as well as the volume of transport are clearly shown. The proportion between freights and capacity, national as well as international, are analysed. With the “Transportbarometer”, developed by TIMOCOM, the distribution can more easily be managed and freight forwarders can better react on price volatility.

TC Truck&Truck now was voted best brand six times in a row. There is not much more to say: they do a fantastic job!