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Every year €8.2 billion worth of cargo and vehicles are stolen across Europe, often when parked in unsecure locations. Statistics show that the freight crime is up 86 per cent in months April-June of 2011, compared to the first quarter of 2011. Alone in UK a total of 1,175 freight crimes were committed in this year’s second quarter. Another problem bothering truck drivers is an increasing number of fuel thefts.

The alarming statistics could not be left without a response. An initiative to minimise the number of lorry related crimes on the motorways combined European commercial vehicle drivers and haulage operators with the Police. As a result of the cooperation an innovative crime reduction project came into being. The aim is to deliver live information such as local crime hotspots, traffic information and the availability of safe parking at Truckstops within the area to drivers through TV screens. The screens will also provide drivers with information about NS FRITS’ capabilities and how it will help to keep them safe and improve their working lives. It is hoped that by giving drivers access to the information via NS FRITS, the number of freight crimes will reduce.


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