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Planning pan-European road transport is quite the challenge for freight forwarders, road hauliers and lorry drivers with all the different driving bans. In some countries it even differs within the country, e.g. Germany where the bank holidays and holiday periods are different from one another depending on the federal state.


All Pan-European truck driving bans in one portal

Keeping track of all truck driving bans in all European countries requires a great deal of overview and can result in annoying planning difficulties and overseeing just one driving ban could mean expensive fines. But to make the daily work for the roads goods industry easier in regards to truck bans and transport planning, the IT company TimoCom has launched a TruckBan portal ( which provides information on truck bans all across Europe at any time. The general weekend, holiday, and public holiday bans are listed right up until the end of 2017 – however, it does not include local driving bans or bans on special transports.


Truck bans available in 14 languages AND free of charge

The TruckBan portal is really straightforward and easy to use. On the home page, you simply select the country in question, and enter a date if you want to. The relevant driving bans will be displayed quickly and in an easy to read summary. Not only that, the portal is completely free which is quite unusual in these days where a very few things are for free in the hard competition of the road goods transport industry. Furthermore, the TruckBan is available in 14 languages. A simple click on the summary provides access to detailed views of precise street and route bans. The website can be opened without issue on every mobile consumer device, and automatically adjusts its size to match. That means: You can view the lorry driving ban website easily, either on the job with any smartphone or tablet, or from a classic desktop computer.

If there are any errors, or you wish to comment on the site, you can access a contact form by clicking ‘report error’ at the bottom of the home page.

TimoCom TruckBan is really a great idea for all involved in transport planning of road goods transport and I would not wonder, if this portal wil become very useful.


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