Assign available freight efficiently with transport platforms

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  The manufacturing and trade industry is dynamic and open to international influences. Cargo owners need to focus on consumer requirements and thus act flexibly on the market. The use of online freight exchanges from the logistics sector especially makes sense for these companies to quickly and efficiently find available vehicles for their goods on… Read more

Messenger soon available in freight exchange

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The TimoCom freight exchange offers faster and easier communication within the TimoCom community from the 26 Nov 2015.   A small teaser for the curious:       Similar article: Freight exchange provider and English freight forwarder go digital

Keep calm…one week without lorries!

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How your daily life would look like without the lorries and lorry drivers? Starting from Monday, no lorries on the roads, no lorries for transport. Tuesday: No newspaper unless you go directly to the printers to pick it up yourself. Wednesday: No fresh delivery of bread which means eating leftovers from the day before…if you have… Read more

High number of users equals quality?

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When a freight exchange is not just a freight exchange   If you are a road haulier, freight forwarder or working with logistics, you have probably come across freight exchanges. If not, the short explanation is that freight exchanges are a kind of internet noticeboard to offer available loads and freight jobs which transport sellers… Read more

Belgian road toll from April 2016

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The Flemish and Vallonian region as well as the Brussel area are implementing a road toll system for HGVs above 3.5 ton. The road toll will be effective of April 1, 2016 and all HGVs then need a special On Board Unit. The company behind the project in the three Belgian regions is Satellic and… Read more

8 things to be aware about before assigning a load

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Better safe than sorry, says an old popular. This applies even more so when you have to assign a load to a road haulier with whom you perhaps for the first time work with. A few simple rules can help in the selection and verification of the road haulier.     Check and save all… Read more

Calais crisis – a costly situation!

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Again and again the Eurotunnel is blocked and on both sides of the channel lorries are stuck in jams many miles long. Freight forwarders and road hauliers are losing money every minute a lorry is stuck and companies are waiting in vain for the goods ordered. The freight industry are these days in need of… Read more

Norway: A paradise for electric cars

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Almost 50,000 electric cars are being driven around in Norway and even though the increase equals a large increase in taxes as well, the Norwegian politicians are not changing their electric-car-friendly course. With only 5.1 mill. inhabitants 50,000 electric cars with license number are a very impressive quantity. The explanation is quite simple: The Norwegian… Read more

Google’s driverless cars have a ”people problem”

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The self-driving cars from Google have gone through a lot of tests also on the streets and everything until now have been positive. But a new problem has arisen as the driverless cars follow the traffic rules without exceptions. The problem: the other car drivers. According to the article from New York Times, it is… Read more

Self-driving lorries in the future – the future is near!

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Daimler, Volvo, Scania and even Google are at the moment reseaching and even testing self-driving HGVs. You could then think that the lorry drivers would become even more more difficulties getting a job with self-driving HGVs making them unemployed, but that will probably not happen at all. The lorries are not going to be all… Read more