The transport journey of the roses

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Valentine’s day, the day of love. The following Tuesday, 14 February, is the day. Millions of roses will be bought and given to loved ones. Where does the custom come from? A common rumour, which sounds plausible, says that the florists had a great influence on the matter. After all, they are always looking forward… Read more

6 facts about new French minimum wage law

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On 1 July 2016, France introduced new regulations regarding the minimum wage for foreign lorry drivers on French soil. TimoCom has collected the six most important facts on the new minimum wage laws for you: 1. The Wage For cabotage  and freight delivery across borders with a starting point or destination in France, the French minimum… Read more

TimoCom and FleetBoard cooperate together

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Europe’s largest transport platform TimoCom and Daimler FleetBoard, one of Europe’s leading telematics providers for trucks and omnibuses, cooperate together. The reason for this cooperation is the newly developed FleetBoard store for Apps, which was presented for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 and will be available in 2017. TimoCom’s App will… Read more

Success achieved with taste and flexibility

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The family run company Zrnožit d.o.o. has a five-digit TimoCom ID, the smallest customer number in Montenegro – proof that they have been using the transport platform actively for years. At the same time, the production operation for meat products has a long history of using the transport platform as a path to long-term success… Read more

Summertime equals driving bans for the HGVs

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  the summertime equals a maze in regards to plan with all the driving bans all over Europe. And beware, if you do not regard the driving bans, it is an expensive ban, if you are caught driving.   The sun is shining, the days are bright and long and everybody’s planning the summer holidays…. Read more

Brexit, keep calm or panic?

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  First, everybody spoke about the Greexit, now a possible Brexit is knocking on the door of the EU. In two weeks the British will have to decide the future of their country and the relationship with the rest of Europe. Will UK become the first country to leave the European Union of their own… Read more

Strikes in France: A problem for the logistics industry

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  Burning tires, streets blocked by lorries, empty filling stations. The strikes in France, protesting against the planned job market reforms, have been going on for two weeks. And this has consequences: A partial work stop means that filling stations are not receiving deliveries, and the government has had to access strategic fuel reserves. The… Read more

A lorry driver’s tale: Laura is all about style

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  A topic which often arouses some curiosity, even among non-professionals, often scepticism and irony among lorry drivers and some colleagues: Women who choose to become professional HGV drivers. Today we want to have a chat with Laura, a young woman with a strong character and determination. And who works as a lorry driver.  … Read more