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Who has not spent a thought on the following questions: Where is the driver and where is my freight? All of us know that a phone call is not much of work if the phone was not ringing the whole day and the desk would not be full of work which wants to be done as soon as possible. Now the german TIMOCOM offers a solution: TC eMap featuring a tracking tool.


In transportation business the European market leader of procurement platforms, German company TIMOCOM, is very well known. Offering the exchange platform TC Truck&Cargo European wide, they facilitate haulage contractor’s daily work life enormous. Always innovating and developing, TIMOCOM has a wide and well diversified product range,  launching their latest tool early June: TC eMap. Many of you may ask, how can TC eMap be an innovation when I have already been using it for a couple of years for calculating and planning trips? Well, Tc eMap will be featuring a tracking option, allowing tracking the vehicle and freight independent of the telematic provider and most important of all: in real time! It is neither necessary to open a new window nor starting a new program.

If you are already using TC eMap to calculate and plan a trip you are familiar with the surface. The approximate costs and time as well as a map are shown. Now the vehicle itself and its current position will appear. “How is that possible if there are more than 30 different telematic systems? Does it only work for a few providers?”
“At the beginning we will be collaborating with the most frequently used telematics providers. However, that does not mean that this is the end of it. If customers use a different system than those supported by TC eMap® so far, they can let us know. We will then get on contact with the provider to set up an access to the tracking solution as soon as possible”, explained TIMOCOM’s Chief Representative Marcel Frings.

Shortly after registering a vehicle, it will appear on the screen, providing information on the current position, speed and time left to destination. It is all possible out of the system of TC Truck&Cargo, without starting different systems as before. In general, only your own vehicles will appear on the screen but it is possible to permit the haulage contractor to check on others. A phone call or an e-Mail will not be necessary anymore.

Another important aspect is security. Business partners are able to signal that they are trustworthy by entering the information of the vehicle, and if it is traceable or not. Frings discloses: “Even before the initial contact, the business partner can see whether or not the respective transport company has trackable vehicles. When entering offers, service providers can especially highlight that their vehicles can be tracked in TC eMap®.”

Launching the new tracking feature, TIMOCOM strengthen not only its strong position on the European market as procurement platform provider but also as its image of a one-for-all-provider.



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