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Almost 50,000 electric cars are being driven around in Norway and even though the increase equals a large increase in taxes as well, the Norwegian politicians are not changing their electric-car-friendly course.

With only 5.1 mill. inhabitants 50,000 electric cars with license number are a very impressive quantity. The explanation is quite simple: The Norwegian government released tax advantages in 2012 for everybody buying/owning an electric car. The sanction is expensive, nevertheless, the government is not about to change it.

The advantages are not only financial, for example is parking free of charge for electric car owners, they are allowed to drive in the bus lanes and are free of congestion charge on roads and are freed from paying the eco tax. Norway is literally spoken a paradise for electric car owners and of the entire vehicle fleet in Norway, electric cars account for 1.6 percent of the total. And the development does not equal lesser gas-driven cars. According to the car owner association, most of the electric cars are supplements and are the second or even third car in the households.

The original government plan was to limit the tax advantages at 50,000 electric cars, but now the government has decided to prolong the limit of time to 2018. After that the advantages will change, for example will the tax advantages be a lot less when it comes to buying a luxurious, electric car.

The regulation is a part of the Norwegian climate target for 2020 and 2030.


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