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France and Belgium introduced new regulations reagrding the weekly rest period (45hrs). It is now not permitted to spend those resting days in the truck. In the UK it will be investigated if those regulations can be applied.

Keine Übernachtung

Belgium went first and France followed. Both wanted one regulation for Europe: The weekly rest period of 45 hours is not to be spent in the truck. Drivers shall spend their rest time outside their truck. Violations will be fined in Belgium up to 1 800€ (1428£) and in France up to 30 000€ (23 807£).

Juridically it is not clearly set how to control the matter. Many drivers even think a check up is not allowed. That is incorrect. In theory, policemen are allowed to controll the rest period. Mainly they do not do it because they do not want to bother the driver nor to interrupt the rest period.

A question to which no answer could be found: Is there a network of accomodation and security parking for trucks? What happens after the truck has been locked and left? Does the insurance company pay?

Many truckers feel better and more comfortable in their bed in their truck then being left somewhere in the outskirts also far away from freight and vehicle. There is reason to fear that truckers have to spend their weekly rest period in container settlements!

The supporters of the prohibition promise themselves that those offering low prices will fail and therefor prices for freight will rise as well asrising loans. So far this has not happened. We do not believe that this will ever happen.