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For seeing people it may sound weird at first: Blind people work with a computer?

For the following story I have to go a little further into the past. Louis Braille was born January 4 1809 in France and lost his eyesight in his early childhood due to an accident. Not even 20 years later, he improved the already existing tactile writing system and invented the still today used braille. It was a revolution for blind people because from that point they were able to read and enjoy books and news as far as translated into braille.

Nowadays there are special keyboars for blind people making it possible for them to work with computers. According to the WHO, more than 150 000 blind people and more than 500 000 visually handicapped people live in Germany. Thanks to modern technologies, they have greater opportunities as working with a computer.

Ronny has only 1% left of his eyevision but most of the times, he can work without any problems on a computer. How so? He is using a special software and a braille keyboard. The visual content is transmitted into audio signals and “reads out loud”. Additionally, a special braille keyboard is enabled. “Everything what can be controlled via keyboard can be transmitted. If you need to click on something, a colleague will help me.”

Who is Ronny? Ronny is a young blind man grown up in the world of transport. The haulier Kern GmbH & Co KG has been in business now for almost 60 years and still a family business. Rony loves the world of transport and shows great talent in negotiating and trade. His main tools are the phone, a computer and the freight exchange platform from TIMOCOM. What is special: He is working with a special keyboard, transmitting the content into braille.

The family business has a great network but according to Ronny, it is not enough anymore: “In the past you had one tour and came back without a return tour. Nowadays you cannot do it anymore. Sometimes 3 or 4 trucks do not have a return freight. In those cases you can use the freight exchange platform from TIMOCOM. There you can find a return freight at short term.

Feedback arrived at TIMOCOM
“Especially in Germany there has been achieved a lot but there is still a lot to do. More publicity, more accessibility” At Timocom, this feedback is already been taken care of and will be set up on the update in the programe. “We try to improve our interface in form, color and userfriendliness. The next step will be that all users, also Mr Kern, are able to jump via tab key through all fields – even those fields formelery only available via mouse click. That will definately be an improvement” says Chief Representative Marcel Frings.

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