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Keep your phone out of mind and out of hand while you are driving. Accidents happen daily and the number of accidents caused by drivers using their phones rises. What is the cause for it? Carelessness. You are driving and the phone rings. It is either a message or a phone call. Most of the people pick up the phone just to receive breaking news from friends. What a lot of people missed: the stop sign.


You see them everywhere: drivers using their phone actively. They talk on the phone, write messages or check facebook. Nowadays it is essential to stay up to date and receive the latest news. If those people cause an accident, it will be very expensive because insurance companies will not pay the full amount due to recklessness. The statistics show that the numbers of deadly accidents decrease steadily but the number is still way to high. Official numbers regarding accidents caused by drivers using their phone do not exist yet. In a survey 26% of Germans answered to have used their phone while driving. The European average using their phones while driving lays at 37%.

How easily an accident is caused and what comes after shows a documentary by German Werner Herzog, who brought the sensitive subject to the screen. “From One Second To The Next” show what can happen in one second not paying attention on the road. There is no one on the street, I am going to quickly send a text and suddenly: Crash. The Airbag comes at you and you do not understand what is happening.

The documentary is available for everyone and shows four people involved in such accidents. A girl crossing the street holding her brother at hand and suddenly he was gone. A lady texting “I’m on my way” missed the stop sign and hit the boy at full speed. He is now paralyzed driving around in a wheelchair. Three Amish people died while a husband was texting his wife “I love you”. His advice for all drivers: Keep your hands off your phone.

In all European countries except Sweden it is forbidden to use the phone while driving. People who are stopped by the police can be fined up to 220€ (190£). One Second while driving can make the difference between life or death. Now think before texting while driving.



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