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How your daily life would look like without the lorries and lorry drivers?

nicht-aufregen-LKW (3)

Starting from Monday, no lorries on the roads, no lorries for transport.

Tuesday: No newspaper unless you go directly to the printers to pick it up yourself.

Wednesday: No fresh delivery of bread which means eating leftovers from the day before…if you have anything left at all!

Thursday: No more fuel on the car and no refuel possible at the petrol station.

Friday:  No rubbish collection with lorries, you have to bring it to the collection station yourself with your bicycle.

Saturday: Empty shelves in Tesco, Sainsbury’s…and in Asda…and in Morrisons…and in all  super markets!

Sunday: No pubs, cafés or restaurants open due to lack of groceries and beverages which means no beer and no fish and chips.

Monday: No reason to go to work as no materials, groceries or goods at all has been delivered.


Your lorry driver wishes you a nice week!


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