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Green City Cargo is a project to find solutions how to reduce break bull cargo within cities. Regarding studies from dutch researchers, aproximately 90% of those trips in cities could be eliminated. The level of air and noise pollution will decrease a lot.

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Cities suffer of a high level of air and noise pollution. On some days in big cities, you are not able to see the sky because fo the smog alert. The city drowns in fog. In London it is not as bad as in China but there are possibilities to never let it happen. Thats the reason which the Logistic Academy Lanz has created to project Green City Cargo. They are looking for so called sub-hubs and altenative transportation.

If there were sub-hubs or warehouses int he outskirts of a city, trucks would not have to go into the city. The goods would be stored in the warehoses and picked up by bikes or much smaller vehicles. The cargo bull transports come int he mornings into the cities because they have to keep up the time frame. Not every good has to be delivered in a truck.

If this idea comes to reality? It is something one could wish for because the quality of air decrease In Germany vehicles with older engines or vehicles which pollute the aire need to have a sticker which allows them go through the city. Although there have many measures been taken to reduce air pollution, the quality of air did not improve. Many transports within the city could be taken over by other transportation means as bikes, cars or motorcycles.

Bulk Cargo takes a bigger part in air and noise pollution. According to the study of the city of Breda, NL, shipments between 60 and 2000 pounds are delivered in empty vehicels of which 90% could be used differently. The trucks start almost half empty just to be there on time. With a good management and combination of shipments useless trips could be avoided.

If someone does the first step, why shouldn’t it be an alternative? Go green City Cargo! First, only a couple freightforwarders are wanted to take part in a test run in Munich. The city of Munich is thinking about a way how to put this idea into reality.