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The self-driving cars from Google have gone through a lot of tests also on the streets and everything until now have been positive. But a new problem has arisen as the driverless cars follow the traffic rules without exceptions. The problem: the other car drivers.

According to the article from New York Times, it is the biggest challenge to build a driverless car which can adapt to the unpredictable behavior of the not driverless cars which means: The car driving people.

For example: The Google car was involved in an accident as the traffic light went red. The human driver behind expected the driverless car to speed up and make it over before the red light, but the driverless car stopped and the driver behind drove into the driverless car. Fortunately, without any casualties.

Google’s safety driver, Tom Supple says: The Google car will always follow the rules, even when the driving people around will expect another behavior.

The accident is the 16th involving the Google car. According to Google all accidents were, however, due to human error.