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The TIMOCOM Business Messenger

Timos playing the Messenger game

In the first 10 days after the launch of the TIMOCOM Messenger, more than 500,000 messages were sent using it. The highest number of simultaneous users counted so far was 37,000, and this is set to increase. But TIMOCOM is not only breaking new ground in logistics IT with the Messenger: internal product training for employees also took place on the TIMOCOM Messenger, without the need for Power Point or a meeting room. In a live game event, account managers, accountants and human resource staff took on the roles of planners, hauliers and shippers, in order to experience the benefits of the TIMOCOM Messenger first hand.


TIMOCOM employees play like mad

A seemingly standard Wednesday at Europe’s largest transport platform. But at lunchtime today the canteen is empty. Instead, in the hallways, offices and large warehouse there is hustle and bustle like on the first day of school: “Hello, can you all please come here?! It’s almost time to start! Can you tell me again where the live stream is?!” – The Italian account manager Anja Paglialunga gets ready for the first telephone round in the “Messenger game”. At this live game event, employees of Europe’s largest transport platform play out the normal negotiation processes between the manufacturing industry and freight forwarders or hauliers. To do this, the TIMOCOM Development department set up a closed user group in the freight exchange, with offers specially created for the game. Anja, as “captain” of her team, will try to find the ideal contracting partner for their transport order from these offers as fast as possible. While they are waiting for the starting signal, Eddy the “messenger”, who stands out of the sea of TIMOCOM blue with his bright red trousers, is ready in the door. The multi-lingual jokes around in Spanish and French, to relax the mood a little. His French colleague, Claire, acts as a “token”. She will soon learn the position of her team, and move to the warehouse of the building where a life-size, chess-like field has been set up. The principle of the game is similar to the popular game “Battleship”. Anja has to try to find a partner who is as close as possible to Claire’s position. The team starts the TIMOCOM platform and searches the offers, as Anja picks up the phone. Unfortunately all lines are immediately busy. “Ahhhhh, that’s what it’s like for the customers”, calls out the account manager. Unfortunately Eddy the messenger doesn’t have a deal to report in this round. Claire can only watch as the other tokens move towards each other, to seal the fictitious transport agreements, made over the telephone, with a handshake. 




A clear winner: TIMOCOM Messenger

In the so-called “Messenger round”, in which the teams communicate with the business chat, everything looks completely different: In Annette’s team the “deal” is already concluded after one minute and 52 seconds. “I’m sweating. We got a confirmation with the messenger straight away. It’s really fast!” And with Anja’s team it’s time for the next round: “We redid our first round with the Messenger and got an excellent deal. I think I’ll move to freight forwarding! I love it!” Of course, like in real life, with this simulation game you need to get your “lucky break”, but with the new business messenger everyone was more successful this time. The field in the warehouse is full. Now the referees have the hardest job, because almost twice as many contracts were concluded.


Meanwhile, host Nils Ott, from the Communication Department, summarises: “Our colleagues had a lot of fun. The core message, that you can communicate with the market much easier and faster using the TIMOCOM Messenger, was very clear. And now if a customer asks about the functionality and benefits, we can say: why don’t we simply run through it together.”