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Nowadays freight exchange programs play an essential part in distributing and forwarding freights. Thanks to the platform orders and freights can be handled and forwarded much more efficient than a few years ago. Additionally business relationships can be established. Marketleader in Europe for freight exchange platforms at the moment is the german company TimoCom Soft- and Hardware GmbH.

Globalisation draws the world closer together and therefore faster communication and business is demanded. The internet connection grew from a single 54K/bit connection to a real high-speed one. The high-speed simplifies daily business as offering and forwarding freights as well as acquiring new clients and contacts. Most of the freight forwarding business is done over platforms. In Germany most carriers are asked for their TimoCom ID before talking about freights and conditions.

Freight exchange platforms don’t only offer the possibility to fast forward the shipping and avoiding empty trips, they as well indicate the economic situation. How so? Movements in the markets as well as the volume of transport are clearly shown. The proportion between freights and capacity, national as well as international, are analysed. With the “Transportbarometer”, developed by TimoCom, the distribution can more easily be managed and freight forwarders can better react on price volatility.

Some people do not trust in freight exchange platforms because they see their business threatened and they neither want to take part nor be part in price dumping. However, the platforms plate the way for more transparency of goods and prices and if you’re not satisfied with the offered price, you can negotiate a new one. TimoCom for example keeps out completely of price negotiations and conditions. Business is done between the partners; TimoCom does offer the possibility to find one.

As in every branch of industry you have the so called black sheep. In logistics, freights disappear or bills aren’t paid. Within the last years a lot of investments were done in security to keep out the black sheep. Anyone who wants to use the platform TimoCom’s Truck & Cargo has to fulfil certain requirements as operating in the market for at least six months. Furthermore all important documents will be verified. If you get the green light, usually within 24hours, you’ll be assisted and guided through the program.

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