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Last week the newest product of the German software company TIMOCOM Soft- and Hardware GmbH has been presented and released: Europe’s largest warehousing exchange platform. The platform has already been launched last Friday, 14th September, and TIMOCOM users started using it. Only a few days after the first launch, 2600 offers have been placed, quite a good start. Meanwhile the numbers has increased and 10.000.000m² of warehouse surfaces are now available.

TIMOCOM is known for its innovations and with the new warehouse exchanging platform they will strengthen their number one position in the European market. Users from the transportation sector, as well as Merchandisers and Industry will profit. More than 30.000 warehouses and storage spaces will be available throughout Europe.  Like the TC Truck&Cargo program, the warehouse exchange will be available in 24 languages. The program functions like a virtual market.

Users can find and offer warehouse and storage room to reduce costs and optimize their capacities. They can operate more flexible and efficient. If storage room is needed or available at short notice, an offer can be put onto the platform. “In this way, our clients can act quickly and flexible on shortages.” claims Marcel Frings, chief representative of TIMOCOM. Empty stand can be avoided and warehouses and storage room will be used more efficiently.

The platform for warehouse and storage room exchange is a logic expansion of their portfolio. The warehouse exchange platform completes the whole package for companies in transportation and logistics. Marcel Frings: „For customers from the transport and logistics industry this storage exchange together with TC Truck&Cargo®, the market leader among Europe’s freight and cargo hold exchanges, and TC eBid®, the platform for European transport bids, is an ideal complete package for more effectiveness in everyday business.

The number of clients and offers are rising, the product is running well. TIMOCOM clients can use the warehouse exchange platform for free until march, 31st 2013. New users pays a monthly fee of €49,90. The service will be the same as for the programme TC Truck&Cargo. Because security is such a sensitive subject, all new clients will be verified, before they can use and offer warehouses and storage facilities.

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