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Saving money on fuel has been an important issue for a long time in the road haulage sector. Thanks to the high level of today’s technology it is possible to combine reducing fuel costs with safety and durability. However, reducing fuel consumption means not only saving money but also lowering the carbon dioxide emissions. See which trucks combine environmental care with care for the driver’s pocket. An overview:

1. Mercedes Benz

Actors truck has not only been voted Truck of the Year 2009 but it has been also awarded a Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency. Innovative technology provides an economical transport solution for both, long-distance or short-haul. In addition, Actros combines the Mercedes-Benz standards of safety with comfort of driving and a nice touch of design.

2. Volvo

Volvo FE Hybrid, the first parallel hybrid from Volvo Trucks, is designed for a total weight of up to 26 tonnes. The technique combines reducing the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions (by up to 30%). They are also quieter than their internal combustion engine equivalents. It is a good solution for distribution as well as waste disposal in urban areas.

3. MAN

MAN offers a new TGX EfficientLine- trucks designed to reduce fuel consumption and lower vehicle operating costs. Maximum fuel economy and a comprehensive range of standard equipment are the main features of the line. The EfficientLine from the TGX series ensures high economic efficiency and a decisive competitive advantage thanks to a comprehensive savings package.

4. Renault

By combining an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, Renault was able to create hybrid trucks, which reduce fuel consumption even up to 20%. Since the electric motor is used to power them from 0 to around 20 km an hour it was also possible to achieve a significant lowering of the noise level. As Renault believes that alternative energies will be playing an increasingly important role in the road haulage sector in the future, the company has been preparing for this development for several years and currently offers its customers a wide range of Clean Tech vehicles such as electric, hybrid or CNG.

5. Iveco

Iveco has created a Stralis AS3 range with engines that combine low consumption and very low emissions (Euro 5 OBD 2007 versions are already available as standard, well in advance of the legislative requirement). The restyling focused primarily on the cab and was undertaken to increase productivity for the customer and to reduce running costs, thanks to a broad commercial range that meets all long-term transport requirements.


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