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Methanol is today a wellknown product used among others in industriel products. In China it is much cheaper and easier to produce and as a result methanol covers 10 percent of the whole fuel consumption. And the rest of the world is slowly discovering the advantage as well. The first methanol filling station was opened today in Denmark.

Until now not many cars in Denmark are suitable for methanol, but as the CEO of the filling station chain OK mentions that it is more the idea behind it that they want to demonstrate, they are not hoping for a long queue of new customers.


Methanol and the technology behind

Metanol is liquid as petrol and it is possible to produce it on a eco-friendly basis of bio mass and waste. The OK CEO believes it has more advantages as e.g. alternative fuel like gas and hydrogen.

The commercial director of Serenergy continues: “A battery-driven electrical car with a reduced battery-size where the methanol fuel cell is put in can drive 800 km”

It is possible to use the existing filling stations and with the hybrid cars one has the same driving reach and filling with fuel is as easy as everybody knows it.

A methanol fuel electric car is a modern hybrid car driving on green methanol which turns into electricity in a fuel cell. And the whole process is without particle emissions.



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