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E-Force One? You probably mean Air-Force One? Not at all. The E-Force One is an 18t cargo truck running not on fuel but on battery only! It is the first of its kind worldwide and at the moment it is used by Coop. It runs in Zurich and the surrounding area.


The Suisse company “E-Force One AG” has its aim to develop environmentally-friendly technologies. Their slogan underlines their intention: “quiet and emission free around urban areas”. Within a year they constructed a truck running not on fuel but only electric power. So have many others as well but this is an 18t truck running with an electric engine, powered by two batteries weighing 2.6t in total. 408 HP are generated.

Thanks to the electric engine, the acceleration of the E-Force one is much better than of the common trucks. Additionally, changing gears is not necessary and therefore, the truck lies smoothly on the road. So far the drivers are more than happy. In the following video (at minute 2:20, in german) you can convince yourself of the great acceleration.

One of the most important facts regarding buying a truck is not only the price but also the costs for fuel, insurance, tax etc. If you buy the E-force One, the price at first sight seems enormous, you pay double, BUT the E-Force One is environmentally friendly. You benefit by paying little to no taxes and charges. That was the first benefit. Benefit number two: cost for “fuel”. Since the engine is based on rechargeable batteries the costs for fuel are reduced to a minimum. The truck can run fully loaded, depending on the road and the cargo, 200 to 300 kilometers with one charge. It needs 100kwh which corresponds to 10 liters of diesel per 100km! Furthermore, electric power is cheaper then fuel.

It takes six hours to charge the batteries. The time can be reduced to ten minutes by easily changing the batteries. The chief-representatives state that the E-Force One is profitable after a distance of 40.000km.

The E-Force One seems to be a great option to the common truck if the electric powered truck could run longer distances and the batteries would not weigh as much as they do now. Now it is used for the distribution within cities and the surrounding areas and has for the “fine-tuning” many advantages: quiet, less emission (only 24kg of CO2) and a better acceleration.

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