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One day, will it be possible to steer a truck at a low velocity only with one finger? Yes, Volvo makes it possible. Due to a more comfortable steering, streets will become more secure and driving more comfortable. The system will be available autumn 2013.

Technique is supposed to simplify a driver’s routine but sometimes it is just too much. The newest system to simplify the driving is called “Dynamic Steering” and is one of Volvos’ innovations. It is fantastic! Everyone knows it: driving slowly and steering takes some effort. That’s where the system takes in and simplifies the job. “Almost four out of ten truck drivers complain every week of pain in the back, neck, shoulders or arms. Our improved steering system offers a more relaxed driving experience that should counteract this kind of problem in the working environment,” relates Gustav Neander.

A small electronic engine works together with the hydraulic power steering and makes steering much easier. With its 25NM torque at maximum it reduces the effort it usually takes to steer at a low speed.  “On the highway the dynamic steering system offers unbeatable directional stability. At low speeds even a heavily loaded truck is so easy to steer that you can do so with one finger,” says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks. The small enginge does not only support the driver on an even road but also when road disturbances occur.

Deviational disturbances are diminished when they occur. Side winds or an uneven road will not take that much concentration and effort to stable the vehicle as it used to. Drivers who have driven vehicles with the new system are impressed. The vehicle is more stable on the roads. Driving has become more comfortable and as Volvo thought off, it will become more secure now.

The engine is a welcome new technical addition on trucks and will be available autumn 2013.



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