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The new double clutch from Volvo has only advantages. Why is it going to be used in trucks now although it has been in use in cars and motocycles for a long time? The truck would not lose any speed while changin gears. Furthermore, the trip itself would be smoother, time and fuel could be saved.

Motocycles got it. Cars got it. And now the truck will get it: the double clutch. Wherefor is it necessary? Volvo calls it iShift. Now it is possible to keep the speed and torque at the same level. “I was very impressed as I drove a truck with iShift for the first time. While driving you don’t feel changing gears” says one of the drivers.

How does iShift with a double clutch work?

To keep it short and simple you could say that one clutch is working for the even geards and the other one for the uneven ones. If one gear is active the other one will be ready to change and jump in. If the driver is changing gears he doesn’t lose speed” explains Astrid Drewsen, Volvo Trucks.

How it actually works is quite simple and cen be seen here:

Many drivers just love manual driving while the boss, due to economic reasons, prefers an automatic transmission. The initial costs are much lower, the driver can save time and most important, fuelconsumption will be reduced. The iShift is really useful for hilly drives but also for driving in the city because here gears have to be changed quite often. It is already standard in the US.