Expert panel will deal with drug driving

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Although the Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning insists that Britain’s roads are among the safest in the world, he also made clear that the problem of driving while impaired by drugs is as an important issue as drink-driving. However, while enforcing law against drunken drivers is relatively easy, to call a driver under the influence… Read more

PM to suggest privatising British roads

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Prime Minister David Cameron plans to open Britain’s road network to further privatising. Under the Prime Minister’s idea, leases on roads owned and operated by the Highways Agency would be sold to private companies, who would then fund any improvements and maintenance, in return for a proportion of the income generated by vehicle road tax…. Read more

A lorry of 25 m length could be coming to Britain’s roads

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A British company involved among other things in International distribution, logistics, and heavy haulage, wants to bring “superlorry” to the British roads. The “supervehicle” is not only heavier but also 30ft (nearly 9m) longer than a normal lorry. The company wants to launch it for lightweight goods such as cereals and aluminium cans because conventional… Read more

Transport schemes given £854m in government funding

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The government has announced £854m in funding for 21 transport schemes across England. It said £82.6m would help fund a bridge across the River Wear in Sunderland and £76.2m would go towards an extension of the Metropolitan Tube line to Watford. BBC informs today, that a northern distributor road in Norwich was also granted £86.5m… Read more

A simple way to find return loads

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I have a truck, but no load. I have a load, but no truck… Or, as a trucker, I’m lucky enough to get a commission for a delivery but the only thing I carry on my way back is bad mood caused by the dead mileage. Which dispatch planner in a forwarding or haulage company… Read more

Vignettes and Eurovignettes

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The small sticker called vignette is a form of tax on vehicles, used in several non-English speaking European countries for passing through motorways and expressways. Affixed on a vehicle, it indicates that the respective road tax has been paid. A vignette is usually valid for one year. To ensure that it will not be used… Read more

Safe and secure carriage of dangerous goods

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Most of the trucks we see on the European roads do not transport goods, which could pose any higher-than-average danger to people. However, goods which are potentially hazardous to either the drivers or members of the public or the environment, underlie domestic and international legislation. Because the level of risk, the goods pose to people… Read more

Park your truck safely

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Every year €8.2 billion worth of cargo and vehicles are stolen across Europe, often when parked in unsecure locations. Statistics show that the freight crime is up 86 per cent in months April-June of 2011, compared to the first quarter of 2011. Alone in UK a total of 1,175 freight crimes were committed in this… Read more

Why does road haulage dominate freight transport?

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The market size for general freight trucking was nearly $125 billion in 2010. Since 2005 the trucking industry has decreased by 1%, especially due to the economic recession in 2008/09. Alone in the UK in year 2005 some 148bn tonne-kilometres of freight was moved and approx. 90% of this was moved by road haulage. Other… Read more