All good things come in five!

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German company TimoCom has been awarded as “Best brand” the fifth time in a row.”The great thing is that the “Best brand” is selected by readers who make their decision based on the experience with our platform with regard to searching for vehicles and offering freight. There could not be a better quality seal. It… Read more

Dynamic Steering – A New Dimension

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One day, will it be possible to steer a truck at a low velocity only with one finger? Yes, Volvo makes it possible. Due to a more comfortable steering, streets will become more secure and driving more comfortable. The system will be available autumn 2013. Technique is supposed to simplify a driver’s routine but sometimes… Read more

Self-driving cars become reality

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Last year a program called SATRE has been introduced to European consumers. Tests have shown that road-trains are a possibility to reduce accidents and emissions. Now Scientists at Oxford University have presented a self-driving car being able to cope with any weather condition from snow, heavy rain and dry conditions. SATRE is a program where… Read more

Winter is coming to town

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Winter is finally coming and it looks like winter is not only passing buy but getting comfortable. Today up to 30cm of snow are expected and will cause a lot of trouble and disruption on roads, airports and the railway. One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. Snow in the North is not extraordinary but… Read more

IAA 2012

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The biggest commercial vehicle fair closed in Hanover, Germany, end of September and exhibitors and also visitors can be pleased. Innovations regarding the EURO VI regulations have been presented and discussed as well as an alternative fuel. Vehicles become more aerodynamic, more fuel saving and much safer. In addition to all of it, a new… Read more

The difficulties in a lorry driver’s life

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The freight forwarding industry is one of the mayor industries. Due to the highly flexible and economic industry we can find all our necessities in the shelves but the way the goods get there, is to the dislike of many people: via lorry. Lorries are like ticking bombs, too loud and cause lots of pollution…. Read more