Green City Cargo – a project with a future?

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Green City Cargo is a project to find solutions how to reduce break bull cargo within cities. Regarding studies from dutch researchers, aproximately 90% of those trips in cities could be eliminated. The level of air and noise pollution will decrease a lot. Cities suffer of a high level of air and noise pollution. On… Read more

Almost Christmas

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Santa Claus is coming to town! Everybody knows that song and TimoCom met the guy telling us how it is possible to deliver that many presents in one night! It is not as easy as you might think.   Have a look and a peaceful time before the night of nights!    

Winter is on its way…

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and with winter coming the temperature is going down. Snow is falling down and streets become very slippery. As every year, in november, latest now, snow tires should be on the car. Snow tires, snow chains in regions with heavy snow fall and de-icer should be on hand when needed. And what about a truck?… Read more

New regulations for the weekly rest period

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France and Belgium introduced new regulations reagrding the weekly rest period (45hrs). It is now not permitted to spend those resting days in the truck. In the UK it will be investigated if those regulations can be applied. Belgium went first and France followed. Both wanted one regulation for Europe: The weekly rest period of… Read more

Cargo theft? Prevent it before it happens!

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A German research estimates that from 2011 until today every second freight forwarder experienced a cargo theft.  According to the study most thefts happened in the busiest period of the year when inattentiveness occurs more often. And in other countries one would have to be even more careful. „The goods fell off the back of… Read more

‘Silly season’ in Europe full of freight

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The transport and logistics sector usually dreads the third quarter of every business year. Although there are no major public holidays in July, August and September, the summer holidays take place. Despite the rather unfavourable conditions, freight share in TimoCom’s transport barometer is 52% which is a whole five percentage points above last year’s reference… Read more

LOGfreight “dangerously good” on the move

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The freight forwarding company from Ratingen maximises its vehicle fleet capacity with the freight exchange 19 trucks, 38 employees and a twenty thousand square meter area, of which 600 square meters are for hazardous goods: since its foundation in 2007, the freight forwarding and logistics company LOGfreight has developed an extensive scope of services, from… Read more

A tunnel for Hamburg?

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That would be a relief, wouldn’t it be? Who does not know that situation: nothing moves anymore. A traffic jam close to Hamburg and no possibility to avoid it. Everyone who has to travel that way is in favor of extending the road. French company Vinci has made an offer to the local German government… Read more

Keep your phone out of reach

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Keep your phone out of mind and out of hand while you are driving. Accidents happen daily and the number of accidents caused by drivers using their phones rises. What is the cause for it? Carelessness. You are driving and the phone rings. It is either a message or a phone call. Most of the… Read more

E-Force One

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E-Force One? You probably mean Air-Force One? Not at all. The E-Force One is an 18t cargo truck running not on fuel but on battery only! It is the first of its kind worldwide and at the moment it is used by Coop. It runs in Zurich and the surrounding area. The Suisse company “E-Force… Read more