IAA 2012

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The biggest commercial vehicle fair closed in Hanover, Germany, end of September and exhibitors and also visitors can be pleased. Innovations regarding the EURO VI regulations have been presented and discussed as well as an alternative fuel. Vehicles become more aerodynamic, more fuel saving and much safer. In addition to all of it, a new… Read more

Flying start for TimoCom’s newest product

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Last week the newest product of the German software company TimoCom Soft- and Hardware GmbH has been presented and released: Europe’s largest warehousing exchange platform. The platform has already been launched last Friday, 14th September, and TimoCom users started using it. Only a few days after the first launch, 2600 offers have been placed, quite… Read more

Freight exchange platforms – praised, frowned but now an essential tool

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Nowadays freight exchange programs play an essential part in distributing and forwarding freights. Thanks to the platform orders and freights can be handled and forwarded much more efficient than a few years ago. Additionally business relationships can be established. Marketleader in Europe for freight exchange platforms at the moment is the german company TimoCom Soft-… Read more

A lorry of 25 m length could be coming to Britain’s roads

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A British company involved among other things in International distribution, logistics, and heavy haulage, wants to bring “superlorry” to the British roads. The “supervehicle” is not only heavier but also 30ft (nearly 9m) longer than a normal lorry. The company wants to launch it for lightweight goods such as cereals and aluminium cans because conventional… Read more