New portal with overview of pan-European truck driving bans

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Planning pan-European road transport is quite the challenge for freight forwarders, road hauliers and lorry drivers with all the different driving bans. In some countries it even differs within the country, e.g. Germany where the bank holidays and holiday periods are different from one another depending on the federal state.   All Pan-European truck driving… Read more

TimoCom and FleetBoard cooperate together

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Europe’s largest transport platform TIMOCOM and Daimler FleetBoard, one of Europe’s leading telematics providers for trucks and omnibuses, cooperate together. The reason for this cooperation is the newly developed FleetBoard store for Apps, which was presented for the first time at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 and will be available in 2017. TIMOCOM’s App will… Read more

Self-driving lorries in the future – the future is near!

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Daimler, Volvo, Scania and even Google are at the moment reseaching and even testing self-driving HGVs. You could then think that the lorry drivers would become even more more difficulties getting a job with self-driving HGVs making them unemployed, but that will probably not happen at all. The lorries are not going to be all… Read more

Volvo Casino

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Volvo Trucks is not only known for its trucks but also for its latest commercials on the internet which are different but different in a great way. Jean-Claude van Damme did a split between two moving Volvo FH trucks; Faith Dickey crossed a line between to speeding trucks. The FH vehicle is easy to handle… Read more

Shell Eco-Marathon – Not the first gets the cup

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The Shell Eco-Marathon takes place every year since 1985. Students from all over the world construct and build prototypes and vehicles and send their baby into the ring to figure out whose is the most economic. Condition: each vehicle gets one litre of fuel or the equivalent of it. The record is at 8 052 kilometers. The… Read more

One for all – TC eMap and the tracking

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Who has not spent a thought on the following questions: Where is the driver and where is my freight? All of us know that a phone call is not much of work if the phone was not ringing the whole day and the desk would not be full of work which wants to be done… Read more

Dynamic Steering – A New Dimension

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One day, will it be possible to steer a truck at a low velocity only with one finger? Yes, Volvo makes it possible. Due to a more comfortable steering, streets will become more secure and driving more comfortable. The system will be available autumn 2013. Technique is supposed to simplify a driver’s routine but sometimes… Read more

Winter is coming to town

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Winter is finally coming and it looks like winter is not only passing buy but getting comfortable. Today up to 30cm of snow are expected and will cause a lot of trouble and disruption on roads, airports and the railway. One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. Snow in the North is not extraordinary but… Read more