Success achieved with taste and flexibility

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The family run company Zrnožit d.o.o. has a five-digit TIMOCOM ID, the smallest customer number in Montenegro – proof that they have been using the transport platform actively for years. At the same time, the production operation for meat products has a long history of using the transport platform as a path to long-term success… Read more

Brexit, keep calm or panic?

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  First, everybody spoke about the Greexit, now a possible Brexit is knocking on the door of the EU. In two weeks the British will have to decide the future of their country and the relationship with the rest of Europe. Will UK become the first country to leave the European Union of their own… Read more

Social media trend: Be like Timo

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@copyright TIMOCOM It had to happen sometime. You may already have seen it quite a few times and liked it. Or seen it a thousands of times and still have liked it…or you went to the other side and…hated it! A lot of your friends have probably already done one. I, in particular like that… Read more

Game session at Europe’s largest transport platform

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In the first 10 days after the launch of the TIMOCOM Messenger, more than 500,000 messages were sent using it. The highest number of simultaneous users counted so far was 37,000, and this is set to increase. But TIMOCOM is not only breaking new ground in logistics IT with the Messenger: internal product training for… Read more

Assign available freight efficiently with transport platforms

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  The manufacturing and trade industry is dynamic and open to international influences. Cargo owners need to focus on consumer requirements and thus act flexibly on the market. The use of online freight exchanges from the logistics sector especially makes sense for these companies to quickly and efficiently find available vehicles for their goods on… Read more

Messenger soon available in freight exchange

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The TIMOCOM freight exchange offers faster and easier communication within the TIMOCOM community from the 26 Nov 2015.   A small teaser for the curious:       Similar article: Freight exchange provider and English freight forwarder go digital

High number of users equals quality?

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When a freight exchange is not just a freight exchange   If you are a road haulier, freight forwarder or working with logistics, you have probably come across freight exchanges. If not, the short explanation is that freight exchanges are a kind of internet noticeboard to offer available loads and freight jobs which transport sellers… Read more

Everybody wants the goods, but no one wants the lorry

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Interview with a former German lorry driver A lorry driver who works in an IT company? A very unusual combination, but the reason is easy to explain. Jochen Dieckmann has worked 15 years as a lorry driver and has been almost all around in the world. In his career he has also been “all around”… Read more