HGV traffic increases along with emissions and empty runs

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A Government report from November shows an increase in motor vehicle traffic which could be indicating that the road haulage business is experiencing a small plus development. From last year October until September 2015 the motor vehicle traffic increased by 2.2%. Divided into motor vehicle types, LGV and HGV traffic also both increased over the… Read more

Norway: A paradise for electric cars

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Almost 50,000 electric cars are being driven around in Norway and even though the increase equals a large increase in taxes as well, the Norwegian politicians are not changing their electric-car-friendly course. With only 5.1 mill. inhabitants 50,000 electric cars with license number are a very impressive quantity. The explanation is quite simple: The Norwegian… Read more

Europe’s first methanol filling station

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  Methanol is today a wellknown product used among others in industriel products. In China it is much cheaper and easier to produce and as a result methanol covers 10 percent of the whole fuel consumption. And the rest of the world is slowly discovering the advantage as well. The first methanol filling station was… Read more

Double clutch Volvo iShift

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The new double clutch from Volvo has only advantages. Why is it going to be used in trucks now although it has been in use in cars and motocycles for a long time? The truck would not lose any speed while changin gears. Furthermore, the trip itself would be smoother, time and fuel could be… Read more

A bike made out of cardboard!

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There are not many means of transport which are as ecologic and light as bikes but Izhar Gafni goes much further now: building a bike made out of cardboard. He has grown up in Kibitz Bror Jail, South of Israel, in a family originally from Brazil. In Kibitz Bror Jail the bike is number one… Read more


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Sustainable – healthy – feasible? Sustainable: Yes. Commuters will bike throughout the city instead of using the tube or taking a cab or their car. Healthy: Yes. Londoners will do more sports and will also be more relaxed and motivated going to work. Feasibility: Question mark. It is hard to say. Let us take a… Read more

E-Force One

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E-Force One? You probably mean Air-Force One? Not at all. The E-Force One is an 18t cargo truck running not on fuel but on battery only! It is the first of its kind worldwide and at the moment it is used by Coop. It runs in Zurich and the surrounding area. The Suisse company “E-Force… Read more

Self-driving cars become reality

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Last year a program called SATRE has been introduced to European consumers. Tests have shown that road-trains are a possibility to reduce accidents and emissions. Now Scientists at Oxford University have presented a self-driving car being able to cope with any weather condition from snow, heavy rain and dry conditions. SATRE is a program where… Read more

IAA 2012

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The biggest commercial vehicle fair closed in Hanover, Germany, end of September and exhibitors and also visitors can be pleased. Innovations regarding the EURO VI regulations have been presented and discussed as well as an alternative fuel. Vehicles become more aerodynamic, more fuel saving and much safer. In addition to all of it, a new… Read more