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A German research estimates that from 2011 until today every second freight forwarder experienced a cargo theft.  According to the study most thefts happened in the busiest period of the year when inattentiveness occurs more often. And in other countries one would have to be even more careful.


„The goods fell off the back of a lorry. Make a bargain.“ Everybody knows the line. But most blend out the fact that the goods have not fallen of the back of a lorry, but were perhaps stolen. The thieves are especially after cargo which is easy to sell. Easy to sell are electronic devices, fertilizer, alcohol and stones.
The study was done as part of a Master assignment at the business school of Bremerhaven at the institute of logistics legislation and risk management together with Kravag (insurance company for the road haulage). Deception, fraud and embezzlement were mentioned from every second victim. 2 third of all cases happened in relation with a freight exchange. A very peculiarly fact was that most thefts took place on Fridays or Mondays which means at the busiest work days of the week. The larger part of the stolen goods were for customers in the neighbor countries. That way the criminals would have more time to sell the stolen goods.

Prevention tips
The software company TIMOCOM ist he leading provider of freight exchanges in Europe and in addition to the largest freight exchange also offers the customers allround service in regards of security. Thank to the features of TC eMap® vehicles and the loads are easy to track and follow. The TIMOCOM user just hast o tick the box, one easy click and the security is improved. Most important questions with recommendation to follow by TIMOCOM and also insurance companies:
– From which adress did the order come?
– Is it the first order?
– Thorough check of the insurance certificates
– Is it possible to track the vehicle during the drive?
– How valuable are the goods?
To prevent cargo being stolen from a motorway service area the doors should have a special lock for door frames and/or the kingpin as well. Furthermore, alarm systems are recommended. When the driver is staying in the cabin and somebody opens the trailer, a sms is sent to the driver’s cell phone or shows on a display in the driver’s cabin. That way the driver can react, before the thieves get away with the goods.