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The Flemish and Vallonian region as well as the Brussel area are implementing a road toll system for HGVs above 3.5 ton. The road toll will be effective of April 1, 2016 and all HGVs then need a special On Board Unit.

The company behind the project in the three Belgian regions is Satellic and on their website the registrations of road haulier’s and freight forwarders’ HGV vehicles for the new system have already begun as the startdate was October 1, 2015

Satellic was appointed by the regions already in 2014 to develop a satellite-based solution to collect the road toll. The company is not unknown with this kind of tasks as 3/4 of Satellic belongs to the well-known telecommunication company T-Systems.


The info video from Satellic on the new toll collect system:



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