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It is a topic which is often discussed: Is it responsible for a lorry driver to drive bare feet, in just socks or in flip flops? Or do we need restrictions on this matter which requires sturdy footwear when driving a vehicle.

Your opinion?

Possibility no. 1:
Drving instructors, the police and other experts advise to wear sturdy footwear as you can brake properly in emergency which you cannot in for example bare feet. In a dangerous situation, where you have to brake hard, every meter counts as well as fast reaction abilities in less than a second. Everything which helps to shorten the brake distance should be done. There is a good reason the driving instructors advise to wear sturdy footwear. And you would probably not pass a driver’s test, if you were wearing only socks or flip flops.

Possibility no. 2:
Mucle power is not the most important thing when driving a lorry, because everything is supported by servo and air friction. When stepping on the brake, it is not the direct power in the step which pressures the drum brake, it is a valve which opens so friction is released and the brake reacts. This does not require physical power and thereby no sturdy footwear. Many lorry drivers with ”bare feet” have been driving like this for decades without any accidents. And another point: No one wants people in the living room with dirty outdoor footwear, så why should it be any different with your “living room” in the Volvo, Scania or MAN.

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