Daimler becomes Mercedes-Benz

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Daimler will be a brand new company. The plan is to split the company into two independent companies. Daimler Trucks, i.e. the truck and bus business, will be split up and most of it will be floated on the stock exchange this year. The Stuttgart-based group will in turn be renamed Mercedes-Benz and will then… Read more

We think transport

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A life without logistics? Unbelievable! Could you imagine walking in a store and all shelves were empty? therefor your storage would be empty as well and could not be filled up easily! So nothing like that will happen, there are many companies in the transport business, working to avoid that moment. The German DVZ startet… Read more

German BAG raises penalties regarding toll violations

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By 1 July 2015, the BAG (Ministry for transportation) raises fines regarding toll violations for the first time. The toll fee was constantly raised since introduction in 2005, whilst the fine stayed the same. Now it is to be changed. Who does not pay the toll fee on purpose has to be aware of higher… Read more

We truck

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In France there are around 6 million trucks on the road transporting goods from A to B. Trucks transporting good either within France or crossing to get to countries as Spain, Germany, Italy or Great Britain. Mainly it is only the driver in the cabin. Sometimes they take friends or tramper with them so the… Read more

A superhighway from London to New York?

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Driving all the way from London to New York? It is a crazy idea but still, it could become reality because only a road connection between Russia and Alaska would be necessary. Costs fo the project: 3 billions of dollars. Who invented the plan? Russian employees at the Academy of Science presented an idea connecting… Read more

Green City Cargo – a project with a future?

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Green City Cargo is a project to find solutions how to reduce break bull cargo within cities. Regarding studies from dutch researchers, aproximately 90% of those trips in cities could be eliminated. The level of air and noise pollution will decrease a lot. Cities suffer of a high level of air and noise pollution. On… Read more

New opportunities for blind planners

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For seeing people it may sound weird at first: Blind people work with a computer? For the following story I have to go a little further into the past. Louis Braille was born January 4 1809 in France and lost his eyesight in his early childhood due to an accident. Not even 20 years later,… Read more

Double clutch Volvo iShift

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The new double clutch from Volvo has only advantages. Why is it going to be used in trucks now although it has been in use in cars and motocycles for a long time? The truck would not lose any speed while changin gears. Furthermore, the trip itself would be smoother, time and fuel could be… Read more

Almost Christmas

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Santa Claus is coming to town! Everybody knows that song and TIMOCOM met the guy telling us how it is possible to deliver that many presents in one night! It is not as easy as you might think.   Have a look and a peaceful time before the night of nights!   http://www.timocom.co.uk/News/Social-Media    

Winter is on its way…

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and with winter coming the temperature is going down. Snow is falling down and streets become very slippery. As every year, in november, latest now, snow tires should be on the car. Snow tires, snow chains in regions with heavy snow fall and de-icer should be on hand when needed. And what about a truck?… Read more