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HGV drivers driving France/UK is a test of patience at the moment. In Dover and Calais there are traffic jams to cross the tunnel of many kilometres as way is blocked. Migrants trying to reach UK are breaking into lorries to hide or block the tunnel trying to go through that way. At the moment there are disruptions up to two hours or more.   The police has become reinforced and extra security guards are stationed there.

In France it came to a larger traffic jam chaos as French farmers went protesting against low meat and dairy prices. At the German border, especially near Alsace-Lorraine, the traffic jams were extra long as the French farmers also started to block the streets and bridges going into Germany. Cars were let through whereas HGVs were checked. If the load was agricultural products, the lorry drivers were told to turn around and go back. Lorries with other goods or loads were allowed to pass.

The protest in overview

Since Sunday 26 July, the French farmers are stationed at six border points. They are protesting against cheap workforces from East Europe who work on the German farms and whose cheap pay are causing a distortion of competition as German products can be sold for a lot less. Also in Spain road blockades were made. Here the farmers threatened to spill the goods on the street, if the drivers would not turn around and go back.

The government estimates that every 10th French farmer is close to insolvency, the debts in total are about one billion EUR. Since Wednesday the goverment has been looking into publishing a crisis programme with tax incentives and payment garanties, but still: The end of the protests and blockades is not near.

The prices on meat and dairy products are decreasing due to the change in the nutrition habits of the French and to the decrease in demand from China und Russia.