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Lorry driver's lifeThat would be a relief, wouldn’t it be? Who does not know that situation: nothing moves anymore. A traffic jam close to Hamburg and no possibility to avoid it. Everyone who has to travel that way is in favor of extending the road. French company Vinci has made an offer to the local German government of constructing new roads with a length of 150km and another tunnel beneath the river Elbe.

Since decades the local governments of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lover-Saxony are looking for a solution for that matter. It seems easy: just build another road. In Germany it is easier said than done due to all those regulations and laws. In addition, the different parties in the assembly have different interest and can’t find a common cause. The most important matter remains: who is going to finance the construction?

Now comes Vinci, the biggest French construction company who wants to put an end to the infinite debate. They offer to finish the A20 and a road to Hamburg (in total 150km) and a tunnel beneath the river within 5 years. Everyone is happy and favors the offer but there are the politicians, laws and financial matters to put an eye on. The construction would cost 2 billion of euros, shared equally between the local governments and Vinci. Vinci will also benefit from the toll raised by each vehicle passing the tunnel and each truck on the A20 for the next 50 years.

If the German would agree on Vinci’s offer, it would be like a revolution in the field of constructing main roads and routes. Those in favor of the offer do not see a chance that the work could start before 2017. Until 2017 the green party is in the parliament and refuses the offer. But we will see if the French and German can agree on a common cause everyone would be helped with. Especially those who have to pass Hamburg on a regular basis.