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Driving all the way from London to New York? It is a crazy idea but still, it could become reality because only a road connection between Russia and Alaska would be necessary. Costs fo the project: 3 billions of dollars.

Who invented the plan?

Russian employees at the Academy of Science presented an idea connecting Russia to the States via Alaska and Moscow. The name of the superhighway: Trans Eurasian Belt Development. Its length: 20 777 kilometres. A road as long as that one does not exist yet. For a trip like that you would need at an average speed of 130kmh and no break 6 days. In a plane it takes you around 9 hours and by ship, same as by car: 6 days. 6 days straight from London to New York. To other parts fo the States even longer.

To Russia and Alaska the highway would offer new opportunities: A connection to Europe and Amerika (The city of Nome does not have a road connection to neither the US nor Canada), new settlements and numerous new jobs.

How would the road look like and how would Russia and Alaska be conntected?

The highway would go from London to Moscow and from there straight to Nome. How would the cars cross the sea over to Alaska? Via a bridge? A tunnel? Or by ferry? From Nome you continue to Fairbanks, Alaska, from where you are able to go to 48 states of the States. Or to Canada.

The project itself sounds really interesting and for tourists loving individual roadtrips, it would be a dream.

If cargo were to be transported this road? Would it be an option if it was possible to transport cargo on this road?

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